3/21/14 UPDATE - Maryland "3 Rod Limit" SUSPENDED


Announced today by Maryland Department of Natural Resources that there request to the Maryland General Assembly to suspend the TItal 3 Rod Limit ruling has been been approved and will be effective March 20, 2014 and remain in effect for 180 days. This time will allow a through investigation of the total impact of the regulation on the fisheries, tackle shops and anglers. Besed on the review process and descussions between all parties involved DNR will submit a permanent regluation later this year. Now is the time for anglers to express there concerns pro or con. here is the link to leave your comments.

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Announced yesterday by Maryland Department of Natural Resources the controversial "3 rod per person limit" law that was established 7 months ago will be removed in February 2014 by "emergency regulation" procedure. It was due in part to not having all the facts about how this would impact not only the fisheries but also the economic impact. So at least for the next 180 day or so (when the emergency regulation expires) the 3 rod limit is ON HOLD!

As recreational anglers we are being called on to keep a closer watch on DNR regulation changes and provide input that may be helpful in regulating our fisheries.

Excerpt from DNR letter dated 1/23/2114

"The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MD DNR) Fisheries Service will proceed with an emergency regulation in February 2014 to remove the three fishing rod limit per person that was established for tidal waters nearly 7 months ago. This decision is based upon new information that suggests this regulation may have a negative socio-economic impact on tackle shops and sports fishermen, and because the primary objective of this regulation was to address a statewide inconsistency in rod limits rather than conservation."

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