Tiger Muskies in the Lower Susquehanna River?


Mikey Peterson turned allot of heads at the Conowingo Dam on Sunday November 10, 2013 when he landed this rare catch for the lower Susquehanna River a 30 inch (estimate) Tiger Musky. After all the photos Mikey was more concerned about a clean release so no accurate measurement was taken. The Tiger Musky went for the 5" Swim Shad the Mikey was using for Rockfish. Imagine his surprise when he saw vertical stripes!

While a rare sight for the lower Susquehanna River not so for the upper Susquehanna. These hybrids are regularly stocked at different locations above Safe Harbor Dam. A large stocking was done in 2006 between Columbia and Lancaster County and a fingerling stocking occurred as recently as September of this year at undisclosed locations on the upper Susky.  Mikey's catch might likely have been a wash-over from one of these previous stockings up river.

Tiger Muskie Facts:

- Tiger Muskies are a hybrid cross between a Muskellunge and a Northern Pike

- Generally grows faster than it's parents, some studies estimate 10-12 inches per year from a 12" fry depending on food source and water temps.

- As a hybrid they are generally considered sterile therefore a manageable species.

- As a manageable voracious predictor the Tigers are employed in some states to control over populations of carp and tench. (we could use a few more here)

- Can grow to over 50" the world record was just broken by Ed Kalinowski in August 2013, 52.5 inches 44.26 lbs

photo courtesy of Mikey Peterson