Maryland Area Fishing Reports 2021

Upper Chesapeake Bay and Lower Susquehanna River

10/12/21 Lower Susquehanna River  -  Thanks to Hurricane Ida and numerous powerful thunderstorm fronts that pummeled the Susquehanna River Basin and Chesapeake Bay watershed with double digits of rainfall during the first half of September there was not much to report for the Lower Susquehanna and upper bay since August as the river was very high, swift, and muddy for most of the month. Happily the river is starting to clean up and the rockfish bite is also starting to pick up in the flats, however it might be another week or so for the river. Fishzooers reported this week a slow evening bite on the flats and river with a few short fish being caught up river. 

8/11/21 Lower Susquehanna River  -  ROCKFISH - Now 10 days into the reopening of the Maryland Rockfish season water temps in the Lower Susquehanna River are in the low 70s the topwater bite has be red hot on the flats early in the morning and evening. 7/8 - 1 oz plugs have been yielding the best action. The day bite has been pretty much confined to channel edges and deeper water jigging soft plastic and crippled herring and the like. While the majority of fish are shorts patience will usually yield one or 2 keepers. WHITE PERCH - in 17-20 feet on night crawlers good bait sizers for blue cats. SNAKEHEADS - No report. BLUE CATFISH - good numbers being caught between the 95 bridge and twin rocks on live white perch. FLATHEADS - same results as the Blue cats.

Mid 20 on topwater caught up river last week

Hi 20s Rockfish caught last week on the flats topwater

Mid 20s Rockfish caught last week topwater on the flats

6/29/21 Lower Susquehanna River  -  ROCKFISH - With the Maryland Striped Bass season only 2 weeks from the summer closure (July 16 - July 31) water temps in the Lower Susquehanna River are holding about 80 degrees and as of last week. Rockfish were still biting pretty good drifting live perch. WHITE PERCH - have moved deep for the summer 18-25 feet on night crawlers. SNAKEHEADS - should be getting good now for the most part should all be in post spawn mode and starting to feed hard. BLUE CATFISH - no report for last few week. FLATHEADS - no reports for last few week. CICADAS - with the hatch all but done here in Maryland many fish have been used to looking up for Cicadas landing on the water for the past month. Now would be a good time to try a Cicadas fly or lure pattern. Fishzooers have reported good success with panfish and suckers using a Cicadas fly. 


25 inch Rockfish caught drifting perch 6/22/21

Bluegill caught on Cicadas fly 6/26/21

5/03/21 Lower Susquehanna River  - For last week reports continue to come in from the Conowingo Dam as the hot spot for SNAKEHEADS (bait of choice has been white/pearl sassy shads and flies with a trolling sinker) in the lower Susquehanna River along with some large FLATHEADS mixed in. The WHITE PERCH were in the shallows and feeding hard. No tipping was needed just any small colorful jig, spoon, grubb or fly. Mostly smaller fish with a few fillet size mixed in. ROCKFISH - Not much chatter about the opening day of the trophy season due likely to the gale warnings on the bay over the weekend. HICKORY SHAD bite has been good in the Octoraro and Deer Creeks and the river. The challenge was keeping the bait away from the HICKORY SHAD long enough for the WHITE PERCH to get a chance at it. Fun week last week around the area and looking forward to getting back to ROCKFISH on the 16th of May.


Lower Susquehanna River Hickory Shad on Fly

4/26/21 Lower Susquehanna River  - With water temps in the lower Susquehanna River and Flats fluctuating up and down the fishing is doing about the same. The big news at the Conowingo Dam Pool is SNAKEHEADS, SNAKEHEADS, SNAKEHEADS - Last week when the water temps were in the upper 50s the Snakehead bite was excellent at the dam. One fishzooer reported seeing 3-4 come up while watching for just 10 minutes. They were caught on trolling sinkers and flies and soft plastic 3" paddle tails. Mixed in with the snakes were a few FLATHEADS hitting the same lures. WHITE PERCH - not seeing any reports of WPs being caught in the shallows yet however we did see a dip-netter on the Cecil side heading to the river. Also the Wild Dogwoods are in full bloom. Two good indicators that the WHITE PERCH are in the shallows and maybe biting artificial baits. HICKORY SHAD - bite was full on in the Octoraro Creek, Deer Creek and Susquehanna River last week. The usual Darts, spoons and flies are the ticket. I fished the Ock Friday evening and saw loads of Hicks following the bait and each other but had trouble getting them to bite a fly. I did bring one to hand on a small spoon and missed a few others and lots of flashes. I'm guessing with the cold front the bite went cold as well. ROCKFISH - closed in our area for a few more weeks. BLUE CATFISH - on cut perch off Lapidum and Tomes Landing good consistent action 10-20 pounders. Lots of runs pickups and drops great fun on medium tackle.

Susquehanna River Blue Catfish

Susquehanna River Blue Catfish


Snakeheads and channel cat caught at the Conowingo Dam

4/12/21 Lower Susquehanna River  - Apologies for the lack of reports since February home projects have unfortunately kept me off the water but I'm happy to report that right on time for the really good fishing I about done! March - With the STRIPED BASS Catch and release season ending here April 1st there are not many big ROCKFISH reported being caught off tomes landing, Susquehanna Flats and Lapidum during the month of March. I say "reported" because there were definitely some large fish around and caught by Fishzooers despite the Conowingo Dam flow being at spill and high levels for much of the month.  April - the usual spring HICKORY SHAD and WHITE PERCH fishing getting ramped up. We tried the usual early deep holes (30 feet) for WHITE PERCH last Thursday 4/8/21 using night crawlers and caught perch about every drop. Mostly small ones we did manage to get one that was about 10" won't be long and they will be hitting artificial in the shallows. HICKORY SHAD- over the weekend the Octoraro Creek was dotted with anglers catching a few here and there on flies, shad darts and small spoons. Haven't seen flat out every-cast-bite yet but it also won't be long. I saw a report that the hickory shad caught in the lower bay tribs were generally larger fish so we could get a run of those making there way up here.  SNAKEHEADS - saw a report of 5 caught at the Conowingo Dam last week so there also starting to turn on in the lower Susquehanna River. If your willing to make the drive to Blackwater area of Hoopers Island Maryland... get all you an carry home SNAKEHEADS.

blackwater Snakeheads

Blackwater area Snakeheads




2/15/21 Lower Susquehanna River - Not a whole lot to report for the lower Susquehanna River and surrounding Chesapeake Bay except Yellow Perch. Those who were able to endure numb fingers and toes were rewarded with good numbers of YPs the past few weeks. Fishzooers has the most success deep jigging with minnows although the downside for using minnows was playing keep-away from the channel cats. Fewer fish were caught on just artificial without tipping. Limits were achievable with a few fish in the 10-12 inch range.

1/13/21 Lower Susquehanna River - With the river finally cleaning up after the snow melt up north the heavy rains we got hit with last month, more Maryland anglers were able to get out on the water for the first weeks of 2021. The Yellow Perch are starting to bite jigging minnows, not much action on just artificial yet. Last week Maryland anglers mostly targeted blue catfish. For most it was slow getting bites which required moving around finding fish and offering bait. Even where there seemed to good numbers of fish on the sounder the bite was slower than it has been. Friday 1/8/21 - Fishzooers manage a 20lb and about a half dozen in the 5-10lb range. The fish seem to be spread out maybe due to warmer than usual water temps still in the high 30s. Most were caught in the 30-40' depths. Large fish have been reported. While most were caught on chicken it seems like the larger fish are favoring fresh cut bait like mud shad if you can find them.