Numerous waterspouts on the Chesapeake Bay – Friday

Numerous waterspouts were spotted on the Chesapeake Bay

Numerous waterspouts were spotted on the Chesapeake Bay near Cape Charles on Friday morning August 25th 2017. One report from Cherrystone Family Campground said that “at least 12 were spotted”. These “fair weather” waterspouts as they are called, are similar to their more dangerous counterpart the tornado. While not as much of a threat due to their short duration and they usually do not move very quickly, they should still be taken seriously and avoided should you encounter them on the open water. They can also come on shore so you should be prepared to take shelter.  Fishzooers spotted 4 of these waterspouts while fishing in the bay Friday in the Cape Charles area. They chose to stay off the water and admire the spouts from the safety of the shore.