Hartford/Cecil October Trout Stocking

Fall Trout Stocking for Cecil and Hartford County Scheduled for 10/20/13

Photo: Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) they are releasing more than 24,000 Brown, Rainbow and Golden Trout into Maryland’s freshwater streams and ponds during the month of October.

“Stocking dates and locations are dependent on water flow and water temperatures,” said DNR Inland Fisheries Director Don Cosden. “Based on current conditions, we anticipate stocking to commence in many places beginning the second week of October.”

DNR plans to release 23,000 Rainbow and Golden Trout in the one-pound size range, and about 1,000 similarly-sized Brown Trout. They will also stock about 150 Rainbow and Golden Trout in the two- to three-pound range.

For Cecil and Hartford County the following locations are planned for 10/20/13 stocking:

Hartford - Deer Creek

Cecil - Howards Pond

Cecil - Big Elk Creek

Cecil - Rising Sun Pond (under 16 and 65 years and older and blind persons only)