October Carp on Fly Gear

10/2013 Carp Fishing with Fly Gear

Look for carp "mudding". You almost have to be able to sight fish them because they can pick up a fly and quickly spit it out without detection. I've done best with natural colored "buggy" looking flies 1-2 inches long. Just try to drop it well in front of them softly so it drifts into their sight path. Sometimes they'll see it and immediately charge after it and eat it. Other times you have to leave it on the bottom and give it small twitches. They're very intelligent, can be super spooky and hard to get to eat, which makes them very tough to fish for. Once you hook one hold on. The fish in the picture took me into my backing 3-4 times. The initial run was blistering and took me deep into the backing. Took me 10-15 minutes to finally land the fish.